Letter | Shed light on Cheshire meetings


Have you ever paid for something like aluminum siding or an Internet purchase and never received the product or service? I am sure you would be upset and demand action. Well, residents of Cheshire, this is what is happening to you. As a community, we are paying thousands of dollars to Time Warner, fees for services we never receive. This is not for the regular cable fees (which are also out of control) but the fees added to your bill to provide broadcasting of local and Cheshire events.

The Selectmen have refused to allow the Northern Berkshire Community Corp. to broadcast their meetings or other town events, such as the annual town meeting. There is no reason why the citizens of Cheshire should not be able to see their local government in action. Adams, North Adams and Williamstown broadcast their governmental meetings. Many of our citizens cannot make it to the Selectmen's meeting, but they should not be deprived of their opportunity to be informed.

This is one of the reasons I have been asked to run for the office of Selectman. Many people have told me they are tired of high cable bills and cannot understand why we are paying for the broadcasting of our meetings and our Selectmen refuse to allow it.

Time for a change. Let's not go back to the old ways where things are done in back rooms, let's get what we are paying for and open up our town's meetings so everyone can see how our taxpayer money is spent.




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