Letter: Sheltered Stockbridge will miss Chief Eaton

Sheltered Stockbridge will miss Chief Eaton

To the editor:

As a former security manager for a popular Berkshire Museum, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with former Stockbridge Police Chief Robert Eaton. I found Chief Eaton to be a highly educated and professional person, whose goal was to serve and protect his new community. He was quick to identify areas of concern to include the museum and was determined to make Stockbridge a more safe and secure community.

His proactive approach to bring Stockbridge into the 21st Century was met with anger and dissent because, as we all know, nothing could ever happen in the Berkshires. Many of us in this field meet numerous folks who have lived sheltered lives who feel that bad things only happen in other places. This false sense of security in communities such as Stockbridge, is what leads to panic during crisis.

What was Chief Eaton thinking when he wanted to properly train his officers on current issues and equipping them with the tools they needed to perform their duties more safely? What was he thinking, wanting to educate the community, businesses and schools on being prepared for situations that could happen?

It is your loss Stockbridge, and remember anything can happen anywhere. Having worked museum security in the Berkshires, I find many attitudes are "it will never happen here". Guess what folks, it could happen anywhere. Why wait till it does happen? Being proactive and concerned for the welfare of your community should be first priority.

In the past when I increased security for special events, we received 99 percent positive reaction from staff and visitors and 1 percent negative comments which I chalked up to the sheltered few. What I find extremely amusing is when city visitors come to a museum and break the rules and claim that they do the same thing in the city museums and no one ever ask them to stop. They don't ask, they yell at you to stop. That's the difference with the Berkshires.

Dan Colello, Pittsfield


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