Letter: Sheriff is a hero doing a necessary job

Sheriff is a hero doing necessary job
Sheriff is a hero doing necessary job

To the editor:

On Sunday, Aug. 28 The Eagle printed a Washington Post editorial demeaning Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He is a hero doing his job in protecting our border since our federal government under Barack Obama has decided not to uphold the laws they swore to uphold. Does the editorial suggest the sheriff just turn a blind eye?

We need more Sheriff Arpaios here. Maybe then our sanctuary city of Springfield will also uphold our immigration laws. They call him a "profiler." Profiling has always been a key element of policing. If you are looking for criminal elves, you don't spend your time checking out elderly grandmothers. I bet the majority of illegal Mexicans pulled over had other things that would lead one to think that they were illegals. Things like stolen plates, erratic driving and too many passengers.

I pray that day does not come where our open border allows a terrorist cell to enter with a weapon of mass destruction. Then you would wish that we had more dedicated public servants like Sheriff Arpaio.

Irwin Moiseff, Pittsfield


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