Letter: Sign petition on animal rights effort

Sign petition on animal rights effort

To the editor:

I recently read a letter asking us to contact our legislators, to help pass a bill, which would alleviate some of the cruelty endured by captive elephants in our state.

Today, I am asking you to sign petitions that are being circulated, for a bill that would allow egg-laying hens, veal calves, and female breeding pigs to be kept in cages where they can at least turn around and extend their limbs. This is currently not the case.

Your signature will help to stop the cruel confinement of these farm animals. With 95,000 signatures, you will be able vote "yes" on November 8th 2016 for a ballot initiative: An Act to Prevent Cruelty to Farm Animals.

It is so sad that ordinary, humane treatment is not always a part of every day life.

Edna Dugas Pittsfield


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