Letter: Simplistic stance on roots of terror

Simplistic stance on roots of terror

To the editor:

On the op-ed page of the March 17 Eagle, in a commentary by Kathleen Parker entitled "Islam is just one component of the terrorist equation," she quotes two American authorities on Islam, Prof. Jessica Stern of Boston University and Imam Abdullah Antepli of Duke University. These authorities find fault with Donald Trump for targeting adherents of Islam for special scrutiny.

Considering that 9/11, Paris, London Underground, Madrid trains, Boston Marathon and San Bernardino murders were all perpetrated by Muslim terrorists, it is quite understandable that many Americans, including myself, are very concerned that more Islamic terror attacks will soon occur in our USA.

Stern and Antepli state that the typical Jihadist is a male age 14-35 who has a mental health history and feels alienated. This assumption ignores the influence of the written words of the Quran that tell the true believers in Islam that to do Jihad (holy war) against infidels (all non-Muslims) is the gateway to Paradise and fulfills the will of Allah.

These authorities are concerned that moderate Muslims will be radicalized if Americans display a fear of future Islamic terror attacks. We Americans are rightly worried. We do not hear a loud cry from large numbers of moderate Muslims to defuse the Islamic terror activities of their extreme Arab brothers.

In our own defense, together with allies, we need to fight ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups until they are defeated.

Martin Silver, Lenox


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