Letter: Slap on the wrist not helping heroin epidemic


To the editor:

On reading your paper on the morning of Dec. 4, I was greatly surprised at the story about a man from Springfield who was arrested during a drug bust in Pittsfield that netted 200 bags of heroin, 50 grams of cocaine and $4,000 in cash. The man was sentenced to a mere time served (261 days) in prison.

Did the judge involved ever think of the potential 300 young people on the street who could have been enticed to just try this dangerous drug just once and start the downward spiral of his life as well as friends and family who have to witness this very addictive drug do its work on a previously innocent young man or woman?

Never a user myself, but a witness to friends' children as they fall prey to this sort of pusher who is only connected to the drug for easy profit.

No, the pusher doesn't use this drug as he (or she) himself knows the dangers connected with it's use. He is in it for the quick profit. The first dose is usually reduced price or even free as he is then assured of a future customer.

Such a risk free business to be in, unless of course you are arrested, which means you may be out of business for a mere 261 days.

How long before this man is finding his old customers and giving them what they now not only want, but need desperately?

Every day the paper is filled with stories of overdose deaths and theft of property to pay for this killing drug. In the old days in New York, people would be sentenced up to 10 years in prison for selling a drug that is now being processed to be a helpful medical product.

Now in 2015, pushers are being given jail terms that merely quell his business for a few short months for a drug with no useful purpose except ruining lives or ending them.

This I feel will not help slow the heroin epidemic we here all about.

Stop the heroin deaths.

Timothy E. Laraway, New Lebanon, N.Y


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