Letter: Socialism descends upon Great Barrington

Socialism descends upon Great Barrington

To the editor:

Ideas have consequences. The core value/idea at the center of socialism is equality. Since equality in all things rarely exists in the natural order, it must be imposed from above by the state. When the state is controlled by a select political-cultural-scientific elite of doctrinaire liberal socialists, they determine what is to be done.

The masses are regarded as too benighted to know what is best for them and their communities. Their suggestions might be entertained, but will be ignored. This is what has happened in Great Barrington.

Requests for turn lanes onto Taconic Avenue and Bridge Street were not honored. Just so, we now see in the "reconstruction" of its Main Street the visual and physical manifestation of socialist thinking writ large.

What was formerly an authentically quaint and somewhat funky old-fashioned New England downtown where people were more or less free to wander around the tree-shaded area to shop has been transformed into a gargantuan crowd control area. Every overbuilt structure, be it traffic light poles, curbs, bump-outs, signs, vast sidewalks, new bike lanes, crossing lights, etc. virtually scream at the "helpless" citizen what to do. "Equality" is now imposed between tractor-trailers, bikes and pedestrians, each in their designated lanes and bump-outs, engendering a false sense of rights and protection leading to increased accidents!

Thus has the former "number one small town in America" and the site of the first rebellion against British rule in 1776 meekly succumbed to the creeping totalitarianism of the socialist idea. The town now looks like it is in a visual "lockdown," held there by the soaring steel arches over Main Street holding the lights of control. Time for another rebellion? See Trump run!

George T. Beebe Great Barrington


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