Letter: Soft on Obamacare Republicans will answer to voters

Republicans gone soft on Obamacare will pay

To the editor:

In reference to the editorial of August 17, "The look of climate change in Louisiana," the study The Eagle cites is hardly an overwhelming endorsement. Talk about grasping at straws.

The facts are United Health and Aetna have backed out of the exchanges and without the illegal subsidies paid by the Obama admininstration, the program may have collapsed by now entirely.

The Republicans you mention who have stopped opposing Obamacare are trying to save their jobs as opposed to doing what's right. Their move to the left will be dealt with in this election or the next one.

The Republican Party's abandonment of its presidential nominee will be dealt with shortly as well. Millions of Americans are going to rally to an alternative party, maybe the Libertarians, in response to the traitorous conduct of Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, et al. Regardless of who wins in November the GOP will not be the same four years from now. Vote Trump!

Allen Jezouit, Williamstown


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