Letter: Sound the alarm about threat of climate change

Sound the alarm about climate change threat

To the editor:

I am a student at Berkshire Community College, and I am writing because climate change is underreported. I think that is one of the reasons that many people do not know the magnitude of the issue, or take it seriously.

You can't exactly look outside and see climate change, but it is happening all around us. It isn't happening all at once, but it is the biggest threat that we face, not only humans, but all life on Earth. Humans created this problem and we are the only ones who can try to reverse it before it becomes a catastrophe.

This seems like not only the news of the decade or the century, but more like the news of the millennia. This issue effects everyone on Earth and there should be a dedicated section in every news publication about climate change as it is appearing around the country and around the world.

It should also include renewable energy projects that are happening now, and other initiatives that are being taken to do something about this monster we have created. This would help get the word out and make many people realize how important it is that we do something about climate change now, while we still have the opportunity. This has to start somewhere, because if we wait around for the mainstream media on television to catch up it may very well be too late.

One exciting development here in Massachusetts is the plan for the United State's first offshore wind farm, called Cape Wind. Cape Wind is currently in the works but not yet up and running, its team has had to go through 17 court rulings, has won all of them, has permits, and is ready to begin construction once it renegotiates its electricity contracts. It will have 130 turbines about five miles off the coast of Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, and will be safe and unobtrusive, especially when compared to our other current forms of energy which are produced largely with fossil fuels.

According to one of my text books, "Change Is Our Choice" by The Northwest Earth Institute, in 2011 Nebraska's energy plan stated that developing 1 percent of the potential wind energy would meet the peak demand of the whole state. I believe that climate change, and renewable energy efforts, are worth reporting on and investing in.

Amanda Kerswell West Stockbridge


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