Letter: South Berkshire cherishes its gift of democracy

So. County cherishes its gift of democracy

To the editor:

Monday morning I read an excellent column on The Berkshire Eagle opinion page penned by Carole Owens. Titled, "The gift that keeps on giving," it is a wonderful reminder of who we are as citizens, and what some of our major responsibilities entail.

What immediately came to mind were the various issues facing voters in South Berkshire towns today. Great Barrington faces challenges brought into play by the proposed renovation of the Searles school. Stockbridge has had its share of concerns regarding elections, budgets, policing The list goes on.

However, we might take comfort in the assertive participation of the local voters in finding solutions to these various issues. We hear about voter apathy and low turnout at the polls in many areas. Not so in the South Berkshires. We are fortunate to have a citizenry which actively takes part in the solving of problems presented to us.

We are reminders to local officials as to their true purpose: to follow the law and to reflect the will of their constituents. They are representatives ("first and foremost citizens no more powerful or important than their neighbors," to quote from Owens). Presumably, our representatives (the Selectmen, on a local level) welcome and appreciate the input provided by the voters. As voters, we have a responsibility to show up at annual meetings, special meetings, Selectmen's meetings, and so on. Many do.

I encourage my neighbors who are voters to attend the Selectmen's meeting on Monday, Jan. 11. It is my understanding that there are budget issues that will be discussed regarding funding, policing, issues that will impact our lives on a daily basis. Your voice on these concerns is important. It matters.

Robert H. Jones, Jr., Stockbridge


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