Letter: Speaking up for Hinsdale's voiceless


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

It has been stated that the running of the government in the town of Hinsdale has been disrupted by a group of dissident people. While the term, dissident, is intended to be a derogatory description, the true meaning of the word is simply to disagree with an established government or organization.

Since the formation of our country, having the ability to disagree and seek to make change in our government has been a core value of this nation. What is happening in Hinsdale is nothing more than a counter-measure to the unbalanced system that currently exists.

I find it sad that the people who choose to speak out for change and are actively seeking to make it happen, are being demonized. When oppressed people stand up for their rights, in a foreign country, our hearts swell with pride and we encourage them to oppose the government that has wronged them. In Hinsdale, these same people are called "poor losers and bullies."

If the majority two-thirds vote of the Select Board, are not getting things accomplished, the problem lies with them. It is not the fault of the one minority voice, Bruce Marshall, nor that of the citizens who have been driven to the limits of their patience.

The removal of the public comment portion of the Select Board meetings and citizens not being allowed the opportunity to have items placed on the agenda for discussion, has left citizens with limited options in which to ask questions or offer suggestions. Talking to Bruce Marshall and having him bring items up during the meeting has been the only avenue available for people to have their concerns addressed. Even then, Selectman Marshall has had to fight to be allowed the opportunity to discuss items of concern. To state that he has not worked and tried to help solve problems, is a gross misrepresentation of the facts. Selectman Marshall has simply been outvoted by the agenda driven majority.

Please vote to re-elect Bruce Marshall, to the Hinsdale Select Board, and retain your right to be served by your town government.




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