Letter: Spelling out disgrace that is Donald Trump

Spelling out disgrace that is Donald Trump

To the editor:

D — Despicable and Disruptive

O — Obnoxious

N — Noxious

A — Abhorrent

L — Loathing

D — Disappointing and Disruptive

T — Terrifying

R — Reprehensible Rants

U — Underhanded, Unqualified and Unfit

M — Miscreant

P — Provoking

Are these the qualities that America wants in the leader of our nation? Never does Trump address issues or answer questions so important to America. He incites violence and controversy. How is this candidate going to communicate with leaders of foreign nations?

He is a bully not fit to be our president. He discusses nothing about policies, the military, Social Security, medical care, employment, ISIS, the decade-long war in which we are involved, and bringing home our troops. He was born financially privileged and became an arrogant candidate who knows nothing about the concerns and needs of America.

For those who are unfamiliar please see the movie "The Dead Zone" with Christopher Walken and Martin Sheen, who is cast as a candidate for president. Ironic and frightening.

Marie and Theresa McGuire, Pittsfield


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