Letter: St. Francis Church will live on hearts, memories

St. Francis Church will live on in hearts

To the editor:

My sister-in-law from Pittsfield told me about the demolition of St. Francis of Assisi Church in North Adams. I watched the videos with a heavy heart. I spent 12 years at St. Joseph's (class of '59) and remember the many hours I spent inside it. The stained glass windows were remarkable. And the lovely little chapel in the back.

It was a beautiful church and it saddened me to see it deserted and abandoned every time I went back. It was part of my history; part of me.

The convent and the parish hall and the rectory are long gone. Only St. Francis still stood tall and proud. But I, like this church, have aged. The time has come. I and many others will have our memories of novenas, stations of the cross, first communions, confirmations, singing in the choir, the wonderful Christmas and Easter services (the only ones my mother ever went to).

The skyline will be different now. One less steeple in the "City of Steeples." I hope some things can be recycled and used again somewhere. But if not, St. Francis will live in the hearts of many, till we, too, are no more.

Alice Swift, Elk Grove, Calif.


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