Letter: Stand up to the bullies in Hinsdale


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I am really a concerned citizen of Hinsdale. I am concerned about a group of people trying to disrupt town government. This group of dissidents, poor losers and bullies has made the last year for the Select Board extremely difficult. This group offers no help or solutions. Their actions have been uncivil, rude and in some cases just plain disgusting, calling out insults that made people more than a little uncomfortable. This group has also harassed town employees until they quit in order to regain some personal peace.

We have a Selectman in Bruce Marshall who has basically sat and done nothing to help the situation. He should have used his years of experience to help with the work, the budget and the town problems but he has refused to help the new Select Board members with much of anything and has mostly sat and made faces at the crowd in most meetings. He also removed his offensive bumper sticker when he chose to run for Select Board again.

I am concerned that many of the voters of Hinsdale do not know the true story but may be confused by the many lies that have been stated and especially blogged. My message to the voters is make sure you get the real story. Many voters have expressed a fear of attending the Annual Town Meeting on Wednesday because of the actions of this small dissident group at the last few town meetings. Please understand that if you do not attend the ATM and stay to vote on all the warrant articles, you are sacrificing the power of your voting rights and may allow this group to succeed in heading the town in the wrong direction. Aside from the Select Board position, I encourage Hinsdale residents to vote for the current incumbents in the other positions.

You must also vote in the election on Saturday to help heal Hinsdale and to elect Vivian Mason to the Select Board. She will help get the town back on track and help to accomplish moving out of the current problems and into the 21st century.




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