Letter: State poised to join a crazy election year

State poised to join a crazy election year

To the editor:

Like many others, I have received mailings from Ted Cruz. His team may be trying to reach out to Massachusetts Independent voters before Super Tuesday which is slowly creeping up on us.

On March 1, these states will vote for their favorite candidate: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tenn, Texas, Georgia, Wyoming plus Vermont and Massachusetts. More delegates can be won on this day than on any other primary day.

I don't know who I am going to vote for yet. Here we have Michael Bloomberg who might make a run for the presidency. He may wisely prefer to wait until after Super Tuesday results. Then who else might eventually enter the fray?

Bloomberg is yet another billionaire, worth $41 billion, and would run as an independent using his own funds. He is referred to as "a moderate pragmatist" and "a fiscal conservative." He was elected mayor of New York City for three terms and for good reason.

Why is he running? At this time, Bloomberg says he feels that Hillary Clinton may not be able to overtake Bernie and that "Republicans may not be able to out-trump Trump."

These are times when party members will likely say or do anything to bring the other side down and win. To be stuck in one party that insists the other party is close to evil and coerce certain of their members to vote a certain way can be depressing.

The only problem with being an independent is that you can get an eventual avalanche of mail from both parties and various candidates. In my whole lifetime I have never witnessed such a crazy dynamic election year. Only in America — and you've gotta love it.

Elna Nugent, Lenox


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