Letter: State should finance town needs, not wants


To the editor;

In "The Diamond of Jeru" by Louis L'Amour, when talking about his father Mike Kardec, explains how he didn't always get what he wanted but always got what he needed. Unfortunately, few politicians either did not read the great book or did not understand it.

Take the Bridge Street grant and Main Street Dig for examples. Main Street needed to be repaired and upgraded, yet to get the grant Great Barrington had to spend millions of dollars in unneeded work and bureaucrats because the state "gave" them "free' money and had the last say over what got done.

Along comes $2.1 million for Bridge Street. Money will be used for unnecessary underground lines and cosmetic repairs when all of Berkshire County is in dire need of bridge repairs. Again, to get the money Great Barrington will be under the state's finger with surely more consultants and details to skim money from the top.

Great Barrington is trying to survive in tough times and completely at the mercy of visitors, but is forced to plant trees, change lights and decide between black and green benches, when money is needed for bridges, school transportation, the homeless and poor. Yet our representatives give us grants with more strings attached than a puppet.

Remember, the money the state "gives" us is really our money and should be used for what we "need" and not what we "want."

Patrick Fennell, Great Barrington


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