Letter: State voting changes invite fraud


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

The recent newspaper headline "Early voting passes Senate" makes it look to me like our state Senate seeks to make itself even more irrelevant than it already is. Why not just let everyone vote as many times as they wish for themselves, the deceased or for fictitious people? Does citizenship mean nothing anymore? With the pre-registration requirements of today, we still have far too many cases of voter fraud.

Early voting is not the most onerous aspect of the legislation. I could support early voting only if their registration requires that voters produce identification or sign an affidavit saying that they are eligible to vote.

Online registration could be allowed if it is done enough in advance of the voting day to allow verification by the town that the voter is a legal resident. Claims that ID requirements are a burden for the poor, minorities or the elderly is a red herring. There are numerous activities in today’s world that require IDs such as buying alcohol or cigarettes, getting a driver’s license, flying on an airplane, collecting unemployment, signing up for food stamps, establishing a bank account or a credit or debit account.

Allowing election-day registration is an open invitation for some kind of fraud. If a voter is not interested enough in the election process to register in advance, that voter is more open to being bought or to some outside influence. Turnout on Election Day is important but an informed voter is even more important. Our state legislative bodies and our governor are responsible for maintaining and even improving the integrity of the voting process. Even one fraudulent vote is one too many.




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