Letter: Stockbridge complains while its neighbors pay

St'bridge complains while neighbors pay

To the editor:

Once again I open The Berkshire Eagle (Nov. 27) and read another letter from a disgruntled Stockbridge resident. First we hear how bad Elm Court is going to be for months on end. I don't remember all the complaining when Hillcrest was built a couple hundred yards south or the newer development that is across from the Hillcrest parking area. Probably no traffic increase with either of those or any additional emergency calls?

Next we all got to hear all about the police department because a few weeks ago it had to use the lights and sirens to respond to a call. What could that officer been thinking ruining a nice tranquil day on Main Street with all that nonsense?

Now we learn the police chief's contract is coming up for discussion. I guess having a chief who is trying to take a town out of the Rockwell years of the 1950s into the 21st century is a bad thing. What about officer safety? Everyone likes going home each and every day. Stockbridge needs two officers per shift as I know multiple times a month Lee, Lenox and/or West Stockbridge get called to assist the Stockbridge officer for safety.

In Stockbridge the median price for a home is $403,400, In Lenox it is $316,900 but in Lenox our taxes are $12.33/1,000 compared to Stockbridge at $8.67/1,000. Maybe that difference in taxes is why we can sustain our police department with at least two officers per shift and our own ambulance.

Is it right that the taxpayers of Lenox, Lee or West Stockbridge have to have less coverage in our towns when our officers are called to assist? Is it right that our tax dollars are paying for that officer while in Stockbridge and gas for that cruiser to be running up and down Route 7?

I want to commend Chief Eaton and his officers on their professionalism. When called upon they go above and beyond the call of duty. The days of Andy Griffith and Mayberry have long ago passed us by.

Scott Sibley, Lenox


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