Letter: Stockbridge school failed students


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I was stunned at the acquittal of Scott Muir. Even more shocking is the number of teachers whose students had stated that they were uncomfortable going to his office, the teachers just kept sending them there! This is so absurd, it makes me sick to my stomach.

These days we are telling our kids in school to report any bullying, to report if another student seems aggressive or violent in his mannerisms when talking about the school, teachers or another student. These are kids! Now, they have to watch each other’s back? Why on earth would there be a male counselor in charge of young girls, and why wasn’t some type of step taken to look into why the teachers had to keep sending the girls to this man’s office?

Shouldn’t one of those teachers, or the principal or somebody, check out why these girls were having continual problems that made them miss classes and have to report to Mr. Muir two or three times a week? Parents think they are protecting their children in this little school, in a quaint town in the Berkshires. All they are doing is locking those kids inside the school with teachers who take no action when a student complains of, and shows signs of an obvious problem with a member of the faculty.

Were the parents ever aware of how much time their child was required to spend with a counselor? I am shocked that no provisions were made for these so-called "problem girls" to be handled by a female counselor. Especially when other teachers and the principal warned the counselor to stop putting the girls on his lap.

People of authority over Muir could have put an end to this in 2003. The principal should have looked into the problem and assigned female counselors for girls and male for boys, it is common sense. I want to say that it was not easy for these young women to talk about their trauma in front of the court, and in front of teachers and officials, that took courage, but they stood up to be heard. It is a shame that they were slapped in the face by the court system.



West Stockbridge A Berkshire Superior Court jury on Tuesday acquitted Scott Muir, a school counselor at the Stockbridge Plain and Muddy Brook Elementary Schools from 2003-06, of 19 counts of sexual assault.


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