Letter: Stockbridge's Chief Eaton is right leader for times

Stockbridge's Chief Eaton is right leader for times

To the editor:

As the discussions about Chief Robert Eaton's contract puzzlingly and alternately rage and simmer, allow me to express a total vote of confidence in the chief. This includes his policies and procedures as well as his personality and character. I have seen Chief Eaton's new approach to policing yield dividends for the town and enhance both the proficiency and professionalism of the force.

Stockbridge may still be Stockbridge, that is, "America's Home Town" that draws countless visitors from all over the globe, but as we all know, 21st century policing is no longer a matter of Norman Rockwell setting up an easel in sleepy Mayberry. International terrorism, anti-police sentiments, a heroin epidemic, and the like require contemporary police forces to be one step ahead of the criminal elements. The chief has responded with added training for the force, effective enforcement of policy, a more responsive and informative website, and a maintenance (and even enhancement) of Stockbridge's well-known partnership among police, residents, businesses, and visitors.

Under Chief Eaton, the police force has totally lived up to the highest ideals of its mission, namely, "maintaining the highest degree of respect for individual rights and human dignity" and "honoring the sacred public trust by ensuring that the Stockbridge Police Department adheres to the highest professional law enforcement standards."

I would urge the town to renew the chief's contract, and I supply this recommendation without hesitation or qualification. Do not make the mistake of letting this true leader leave.

Dan Valenti, Stockbridge


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