Letter: Stop smoking with cash can


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Young people ages 14 to 16 who start to smoke often come down with serious physical problems, including cancer, in their 50s. Every time they inhale a cigarette they are taking time off of their lives.

The Smokers Cash Can will help them to cut back on their cigarettes and hopefully get them to stop smoking so they will be able to enjoy their children and grandchildren. The Smokers Cash Can is a bank, and every time you want a cigarette you put 50 cents into it, then a piece of gum into your mouth.

Ideally, large companies and businesses will purchase them to give to their employees who can use them or pass them on to smokers. The idea is to allow you to live longer and enjoy your family and a healthy life. For more information on the Smokers Cash Can, call me at (413) 443-9705.




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