Letter: Support fully vetted Greylock building plan

Support fully vetted Greylock building plan

To the editor:

I am a member of the Mt. Greylock Regional School Committee. While I disagree with some of the conclusions of the Jan. 23 opinion page article, I agree strongly with the sentiment: let people vote.

There have been numerous open meetings of the Mt. Greylock Regional School and Building Committees where all voices are welcome. I worked with representatives of Boards of Selectmen and Finance Committees from both towns on the mathematics of apportioning the bond between the two towns, and can report that these were excellent discussions where all concerns were clearly and calmly aired, with the goal unquestionably finding what is dynamically fair for both towns going forward. This has resulted in a new regional agreement, overwhelmingly approved by both towns, with a new formula, which will lower Lanesborough's contribution from what it would have been under the previous formula.

If there are concerns or issues, I can attest that both committees are open to discussion, but as Carrie Greene (chair of the MGRSC) said last week, time is money. Many people have worked hard for years on this. We have had several votes in both towns, which show overwhelming support for the project and the region. If we delay, the project cost will most likely go up, both as a result of construction delays and because of rising interest rates.

There have been plenty of opportunities for everyone to be heard and for committees to get the information they need. The school and School Building Committee continue to put out information on the building project that is clear and fact-based. In light of the project information, overwhelming support from the public and from these committees to date, I am satisfied and happy to support the project.

For more information, please see www.wlschools.org/page.cfm?p=605 or feel free to email me at sjm1@williams.edu.

Steven J. Miller, Williamstown The writer is a member of the Mount Greylock Regional High School School Committee.


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