Letter: Support natural gas pipeline plan


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

The real goal of these pipeline opponents is to thwart our reliable carbon energy supply in two ways -- by obstructing new pipelines for moving fuel, and by halting the super-productive "fracking" process for extracting oil and natural gas from the ground. "Fracking" is making the U.S. the world’s biggest crude oil producer, now surpassing Saudi Arabia. You probably don’t know that because ecologists have told us for decades that America is running out of oil.

Their alternatives are ineffective solar and windmills which require huge taxpayer subsidies. Solar power is diffuse and produces energy for a small number of hours in the year. Do you want 40-story windmills near your house? Because that is what the ecologists will give you instead of an underground pipeline.

Gasoline prices have skyrocketed under "green energy’’ policies; this harms us all, especially low-income people. Only "fracking" for oil is keeping a lid on further increases. Meanwhile natural gas prices today are historically low because "fracking" is producing abundant new supplies even in limited areas of domestic drilling.

There already are thousands of pipelines buried beneath the US. Once installed, you do not even know that they are there. We need these pipelines to safely and efficiently transport our vital fuels including crude oil, gasoline, heating oil and natural gas.

This pipeline is going to create tens of millions of dollars of badly-needed economic activity in Berkshire County for hotels, restaurants, gas stations and stores, and for loggers, laborers, surveyors, mechanics, welders, heavy-equipment operators etc. We should all e-mail the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and our elected officials in support of the pipeline, and discuss its importance with friends and neighbors.




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