Letter: Supporters risk turning Sanders into Nader

Supporters risk turning Sanders into Nader

To the editor:

Listen up, Bernie Sanders supporters. Despite the fact that some on the Democratic National Committee or its staff discussed ways to undermine his candidacy and your dislike of the DNC rules governing the process, Hillary Clinton won the nomination fair and square. She won more votes, more states, and more delegates even before super-delegates were counted. Bernie started his campaign loftily, soared even higher, soured when it became obvious he couldn't win, and has now redeemed himself by accepting her victory and becoming a very positive force for electing Clinton in November.

But some of you are more than just disappointed at Bernie's loss to Hillary, even disillusioned, and are acting like spoiled children because you didn't get your way, quitting the game and taking your ball home. Bernie knows, and you should too, that Donald Trump must never get the chance to turn the White House into his personal reality show. Bernie is working to prevent that and you must too. It was Bernie who said, "On her worst day, Hillary Clinton will be an infinitely better candidate and president than the Republican candidate on his best day."

While Bernie lost the nomination, he has had a great impact on Democrats and this election, and he has moved the conversation in his direction. He will continue to be influential if Hillary is elected. But if she is not, then his accomplishments will be lost, proven to be pie-in-the-sky and meaningless by a Trump victory.

I can't imagine that anyone who believes in what Sanders stands for would actually vote for Trump just for spite. But if you vote for anyone other than Hillary Clinton or sit out the election altogether, you may be the very reason "The Donald" could win in November. And if he does and it's because the Sanders demographic didn't turn out for Hillary, then you will have saddled your beloved Bernie with the 2016 Ralph Nader Prize for political sabotage, fingering him as the cause of Trump's win and all the havoc that I expect would come from it. Bernie deserves better.

So follow Bernie's example and do what he is doing: working hard to elect the first woman president of the U.S.

Charles I. Francis, Becket


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