Letter: Supreme Court short list is light on credentials


To the editor:

Supreme Court short list is light on credentials

To the editor:

A seat on the Supreme Court is not an award for an inspiring life story. President Obama's short list of potential nominees is heavily weighted with individuals who have exceptional personal histories, and just some legal credentials. Gender and ethnic diversity seem to be the president's principle objectives. I thought he had checked those boxes with his first two choices to the bench.

Justice Scalia has left a legacy of legal thought to be studied in law schools for decades. His brilliance is recognized even by those who disagree with some of his conclusions. The person who takes his place should bring a similar level of legal ability, evidenced by more than a few years of well thought out written decisions.

President Obama thought an undistinguished term in a state legislature and a similar performance in Congress qualified him to be president. Perhaps so, as the job of the president is to set forth a vision, which he did. I fear he will apply this thinking to selection of a nominee.

Ed Dartford, Stockbridge


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