Letter: Taconic shows class at Cathedral


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

These days we are confronted with incidents that keep us questioning human nature. We hear about killings, heists, greed and we just shake our heads in disbelief. Saturday I was left shaking my head in disbelief, but it was in disbelief at the kindness that was bestowed upon a teen by a group of teens who were complete strangers.

Early last week, a tragedy hit a high school junior on my basketball team. Her family’s home and all of their possessions were destroyed in a terrible fire. As expected, the family was devastated. It is out of this tragedy that I came to witness one of the kindest gestures I have seen.

My team had been arranging some small fund-raisers at our home games to aid the family financially. The response has been overwhelming and the family has been provided with some funds to help the family get back on their feet.

On Saturday, my Cathedral basketball team had a game against Taconic in Springfield. My team was holding a bake sale, raffle and a half-court shooting contest to help with the fund-raising. Many of the Taconic players and fans who had made the trip made a nice effort to participate in these fund-raisers. Much to our surprise, the Taconic team and coaches had also collected amongst themselves and presented the family with a $200 check in order to help.

I personally and publicly want to thank the Taconic girls basketball team for its thoughtfulness and generosity this past weekend. It seems that sometimes we can get all caught up in the wins and losses of a season, and let the really important things slip by without mention.

To the city of Pittsfield: You have a girls basketball program that you should be very proud of. The players and coaches are top-shelf people and have taken the time to help out when nothing was expected of them. Just a first-class gesture, and one that will never be forgotten by my players or by me.



The writer is the girls basketball coach at Cathedral High School.


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