Letter: Take positive approach on diversity


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Brian Sullivan’s March 13 column, "Minority hiring not as simple as people think" is stunning in its lack of imagination. Actually, I’m not sure what his point really was. In a city with as large a minority population as Pittsfield, its poor record of hiring minority candidates is sad, and the fact that the Affirmative Action plan adopted in 1991 was lost is even sadder.

It seems as if every time I read The Eagle, Pittsfield has created another municipal position. Creating jobs, good; not diversifying the applicant pool, bad.

I don’t know NAACP chapter president Will Singleton, but he sounds as if he knows what he’s doing and doing it with grace rather than "six-guns blazin’, as Mr. Sullivan puts it. He is, after all, having to make up for many years of neglect of this issue. I hope that other people in Pittsfield are both more realistic and more imaginative than Mr. Sullivan. If not, then Mr. Singleton and the NAACP truly have their work cut out for them.

I address subjects such as these in my blog, The Moral Universe. It can be found at moraluniversecynthia. wordpress.com.




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