Letter: Take survey, voice views on Lake Mansfield plans

Take survey, voice views on Lake Mansfield plans

To the editor:

Another big decision is being made that will have a long-term impact on Great Barrington residents and taxpayers. Now is the time to make your opinion known.

The Lake Mansfield Improvement Task Force has been working on improving the condition of the area around Lake Mansfield, including the road. Through hard work and the input of many in the community, the Task Force has narrowed many suggestions to three possible options: a two-way road, a one-way road with more room for bikes and pedestrians, and a park road closed to non-emergency traffic. (Those are simplifications of the three options).

Because we live in New England, the land of hyper-democracy, all of the deliberations are in public meetings carried out under very strict open meeting laws. All any citizen has to do to give an opinion is show up at a meeting and speak.

But the task force is going one better. It has been actively seeking input from all residents and taxpayers through well-attended public forums and several online surveys. The current survey is available online until Sunday, April 24. Take it now and let your opinion be heard.

The survey is available on the town's website: www.TownOfGB.org. It's called The Lake Mansfield Survey #3. It will take about 5-10 minutes to read the material, which includes a more thorough explanation of the options, and to answer 10 questions.

Please let your voice be heard now, before the decision is made.

Ed Abrahams, Great Barrington The writer is a member of the Great Barrington Selectboard.


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