Letter: Taking fight to ISIS is only real option

Taking fight to ISIS is only real option

To the editor:

A couple months ago when I was watching the news I saw a little boy who drowned and washed up on the shore in Greece. His refugee family attempted to cross the Mediterranean in a small boat that was over-filled with other refugees. They were trying to escape the atrocities in Syria, but their little boy passed away.

I felt so much compassion and empathy for these people that were longing for a better life for their families. My thoughts were that the U.S. and the rest of the world were not doing enough to help them.

My empathy quickly turned to fear when I discovered that one of the terrorists who was involved in the Paris attack was a Syrian refugee.

The U.S. is in a major dilemma on how to handle this crisis because ISIS is threatening to kill as many Americans as possible. Common sense tells me that these extremists may use the Syrian refugee crisis as a veiled way to gain access to the US as they did in Paris.

The world has to rid itself of these extremists such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda for the sake of all humanity. It's hard for me to say not to allow Syrians into the US, but people are afraid to travel and go to major events. I went to a Bruins game and thought about the possibility of a terrorist attack, a thought that would normally never cross my mind.

The ultimate goal should be to get the Syrians their country back no matter what it takes. It appears our president and the rest of the world are not doing what is necessary to liberate Syria and exterminate ISIS. We need an actual plan to take on these fanatics. As weary our country is from war, we cannot avoid deploying troops to aid in the fight against ISIS. We cannot do this alone. NATO and the other nations must join and follow the United States lead. There must also be a long term exit strategy as we can't make the same mistake as we did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We are deep into the election season and this is a hot button issue that all the political pundits are opining about. However, nothing is getting done. When will we stop closing our eyes, brushing off and ignoring a clear and present danger? Bombing ISIS will not ever defeat them. Defeating ISIS is the only real solution to the refugee crisis. Letting the refugees in the United States is simply putting a bucket under a leaky pipe.

It will certainly take effort and leadership, but there is no doubt in my mind that we can destroy ISIS and allow the Syrians to begin to move back to their homeland. With the help of the world we can help them rebuild. That is how we fix this problem.

Alexis Haidak, Pittsfield The writer is a student at Berkshire Community College.


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