Letter: Taking on autism without big bucks


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I just got done with the May 5 article in the health and science section about the young adult South African citizen whose parents sold their home and had $40,000 donated to them to send their son to a special program to help him navigate life on his own and college due to his autism. I am glad that his parents had the money and know people with money so they can do this for their son. Here is the source of my confusion!

What about an article of all the other Berkshire County residents who cannot afford a program like this but are succeeding, due to the help and patience of their parents? On Saturday, May 3, there was a fundraiser for people with autism here in Berkshire County but there was no article on the success or people at this event. It is taking a lot to write this letter but I am sure I am not the only confused reader or parent once again to see money trumps real-life situations!

Three cheers for anyone who succeeds with autism, but let’s keep it in the Berkshires!




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