Letter: Talented Harrington will help bring balance to Legislature

Talented Harrington offers balance to Legislature

To the editor:

As a 74-year seasoned citizen, I strongly support our next state senator, Attorney Andrea Harrington, and cannot wait to vote for her on Thursday, Sept. 8.

She will have my vote because she is exceptional and has already proven herself to be a great public servant. And make no doubt about it, women must continue to be exceptional to even entertain running for elective office.

Attorney Harrington cares about, will support, represent, and fight for all the constituents in our Senate district. Her legal background, knowledge and experience dealing with the very real and crucial problems facing our neighborhoods and country have fully prepared her. She completely understands the needs of the most vulnerable, all of which demonstrate that she truly believes in the rule of law and justice for all.

Women are underrepresented in all of our legislative bodies, unconscionable at this time in our history, and that disparity in inequality must be addressed and remedied.

Having run for office twice in Bridgeport, Conn., in 1984 and again in 2000, I know how hard it is for anyone to run for office, especially a woman. Because of threats in 1984, I had to have a bodyguard on either side of me throughout the day of the primary.

As a law school administrator in Bridgeport, I know the trials of women trying to break the glass ceiling. Nearly every position I held in my paid working life was either a hostile work environment or I was sexually or verbally harassed at a time when the men I was working with were making four, five or more times my wages or salary!

It is truly a joy to support a talented, knowledgeable, creative, seriously thoughtful and solutions-focused individual who listens to each person's very real concerns and plans to address each and every one of those concerns when elected to office.

Please join me on Thursday, Sept. 8, to vote for Andrea Harrington for state senator in the Democratic primary.

Rachel I. Branch, North Adams


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