Letter: Tap potential of hydroelectric


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Hydroelectric power is a smart, renewable energy source that our Berkshire towns should be more actively exploring! Wind doesn't always blow, seasons and weather can effect solar fields, but our rivers flow continuously and quite reliably.

The dam at the Risingdale Paper Mill (now Hazen Mill) is projected to produce $500,000 in renewable energy per year. There are 10 more viable dams on the Housatonic River, from North Adams to Canaan, Ct., that our towns could benefit from if they'd only be willing to spend the time and energy to realize this potential.

Engineering, licensing, and EPA standards take up to four years and cost a few hundred thousand dollars to meet current regulations. The time is now for our communities to work toward realizing the vast potential that hydroelectric power can produce. This is a much too valuable a resource to ignore!




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