Letter: Tax policy is issue, not regulation


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I was listening to the president’s weekly radio address, as well as the Republican response, this weekend, and it struck me as something of an anachronism in the age of 24-hour news. The broadcast does not have a stated agenda, so often the response has little, if anything at all, to do with the address itself. Such was the case this week. The president offered a defense of his recent authorization of airstrikes against ISIS, as well as his tightening of security surrounding our diplomatic corps in the Middle East. Such action only seems prudent.

The Republican response was delivered by Mike McFadden, a senatorial candidate from Minnesota. His reply was more of a campaign advertisement than a response. He doubled down on predictable talking points, touching briefly upon jobs and fair pay for the middle class before embarking on a condemnation of the president’s economic policies.

Although Mr. McFadden did an admirable job of upholding the talking points of the Republican Party, his rhetoric doesn’t hold water. He railed against government regulation, but he fails to note that the market is at record highs, many businesses are reporting record profits, and despite this corporate success, the working class still struggles. The reality is that regulation is not crushing business and the economy, and lessening those regulations will not create jobs, or help the middle class.

We need to hold businesses accountable as responsible corporate citizens, and they need to contribute their fair share toward the success of our country. When one in four corporations does not pay any taxes, the problem isn’t crushing regulation, it is failed tax policy.




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