Letter: Teaching team benefits child


In a world where it is more common to face cynicism than compassion, bureaucracy rather than transparency, it is nice to be able to acknowledge that this is not always the case. All too often we hear that schools are failing our kids, but what about recognizing teachers that are going beyond the call of duty in demonstrating true commitment to the welfare of our children?

Recently, my husband and I had a meeting with specialists in the Pittsfield Public Schools Special Education Department in partnership with educators from Pine Cobble and Williamstown Elementary School. We had asked them to review our child who was struggling with writing. The team presented us with its findings and of course, we were thrilled to learn that our child would be able to work this out easily with some additional

But this was just one reason for our joy. The other was the thoughtful attention and comprehensive examination given to our child by the most professional and compassionate group of teachers we have ever experienced. The focus was our child, plain and simple; the group worked as a well-oiled machine to find the best outcome for him.

Like some say to those who enlist in the army, to these teachers, we say "Thank you for your service!"





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