Letter: Techology is causing our society's decline

Technology causing our society's decline

To the editor:

What is happening to America? Our society is crumbling, for it seems every month a person has decided that it's time to cause chaos and carnage. These angry, bullied, hateful, religiously fanatical, or whatever it is that drives these people to do cowardly and heinous acts, seemingly have to make a statement by killing civilians before they kill themselves. As if they will be remembered.

We will always remember Oklahoma City, Columbine High School, Sept. 11, Fort Hood in Texas, Beltway snipers in D.C., the Colorado movie theater, Sandy Hook elementary, the Boston Marathon bombing, the South Carolina prayer meeting, and the many, many college campuses across our nation, just to mention a few incidents. I don't remember the name or names of any individuals except Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols because the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building was one of the first. What was accomplished? Nothing but the senseless taking of innocent lives. Those who lost a friend or family member in one of these senseless acts will always remember these individuals and what they took from them, leaving them with only memories along with the pain and anger.

But who is at fault? Many believe it is the guns, but guns have always been here and always will be if our Constitution/Bill of Rights means anything. I believe the fault lies with social media. Our lives revolve around social media and it is the cause of all this. Before cell phones, now smart phones, and the Internet, our lives were bland, placid and slow-paced, but now everything is lightning fast and at our fingertips. Life is more convenient, more informative, but at what price?

Here are a few examples of what we have gained with all this technology. Bullying has been brought to a new level, there has been a rise in child pornography, identity theft is rampant, government, military and corporate espionage have increased, Big Brother knows more about you and privacy is becoming a thing of the past. ISIS video streams executions to spread its propaganda for recruitment everywhere in the world.

So is it really guns or technology that plague our world? Our society and our values are out the window. It is easy to pass blame onto law enforcement and government officials when these acts occur, but a machine doesn't care for whom it is performing, only its function.

Scott Therrien, Adams


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