Letter: Terrorist group is evil, but Nazi parallel is off

Terrorist group is evil, but Nazi parallel is off

To the editor:

How can Don Munger say in his letter to the editor of Nov. 20 that terrorist group ISIS is 100 times worse than the Nazis? The Nazis felt that Jews were inferior and needed to be eradicated. They separated loved ones from one another, took anything of value from their homes, put them in concentration camps and led them to die in the ovens or gas chambers.

I am not a student of world affairs but my understanding of the terrorists is that they appear to be killing anyone who doesn't conform to their beliefs. As far as I'm concerned, both groups are inhuman and have no concern for those who do not conform to their version of what is important. The only difference seems to be the long wait in concentration camps for the Jews and the immediate death at the hands of the terrorists.

Connie Dillon Yannone Pittsfield


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