Letter: Testimony from victim of Trump's deceit

Testimony from victim of Trump's deceit

To the editor:

You've probably read about Donald Trump's four bankruptcies — the Trump Taj Mahal in 1991, Trump Plaza Hotel in 1992, Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts in 2004 and Trump Entertainment Resorts in 2009. A lot of big banks were hurt, but if you run a small business, you know a lot of other small businessmen and women were also stiffed by the guy who's now the Republican Party's candidate for president of the United States.

I know because I am one of the small businessmen who's been stiffed by Donald Trump.

Years ago, Trump had a publication called, you guessed it, Trump Magazine, an in-flight magazine for his eponymous airline. One day I got a call from an agent in Manhattan asking me if I'd write an article to appear in said publication. They wanted it to focus on Boston, one of the airline's destinations, and they offered good money for the time, so I agreed to do it.

It turned out to be one of my favorite pieces. I called it "Boston's Country Doctors," featuring several Harvard economists who advised ailing nations on their economies. Larry Summers, Bill Clinton's treasury secretary and director of the National Economic Council for the Obama administration, was one of the "doctors." To this day I remember Summers as one of the best interviews I've ever had. We chatted while I was sitting in Williamstown and he was sitting in his backyard in Cambridge.

Anyway, as Time explained it, "High debt forced Trump to default on his loans, and ownership of the company was turned over to creditors." In short, Trump Airlines crashed and burned. I never got paid, and I assume I was not alone.

Now, Trump wants to employ the same tactics to stiff U.S. bondholders and our NATO allies. I learned first-hand about the real Donald a long time ago. That's one of the reasons on Nov. 8 "I'll be with Her." I hope you will too.

Lee Harrison, Williamstown


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