Letter: Thank you to president, and apologies as well

Thank you to president, and apologies as well

To the editor:

Thank you Mr. President. Thank you for using logic in your presidency rather than hate, as we see in other quarters.

With one hand, you've managed to turn the economy around. With the other, you got us out of an unjust war.

Thanks for not getting pulled into a war with Russia and its 19th century thinker, the new Napoleon, who thinks that land grabs make a country great.

Thank you Mr. President for your forward thinking on energy policy and science.

When you became president, I thought we had really turned the corner on racism and small thinking. Well, right up until that idiot (at a State of the Union speech) called you a liar. Then all of the others came out of the closets of hate. An obstructionist dictator in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, said it was his job to make you a one-term president. Ha!

Now McConnell has become a fascist who won't allow a hearing on a Supreme Court justice. And for the speaker of the House to agree is a slap in the face to the country and to democracy as well.

Mr. President, I am sorry that Republicans can't see you as a man rather than a black man. I'm sorry they can't see you as a man of logic and intellect. A man who is for the country, not the party.

Maybe someday, middle class Republicans will wake up and stop voting their hate. Every day I look at that wonderful picture from Apollo 17 of the earth and think, how could we all not be related?

Patrick Ferro, Peru


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