Letter: Thankful for kind, thoughtful acts

Thankful for kind, thoughtful acts

To the editor:

I have learned many lessons in my life. One of the most important lessons was to always remember the words "thank you."

I recently went shopping and when I got the parking lot I realized by checkbook holder was gone. I went to the bank for help from Grace, who was calm, cool and collected and advised me what to do. We realized we both believe in help from St. Jude and St. Anthony and many of the other employees felt the same.

I phoned my daughter who told me to call the Dalton Police Department. My checkbook holder had been found and was at the department. What a pleasure it was to go there. The officer was so helpful, and we both agreed that there are good, honest people in the world.

Never give up. Good things happen. Never forget to say "thank you."

J. Dorset Anderson, Cummington


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