Letter: Thanks for nothing, local Democrats


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

In the Sunday, June 15, Eagle, the editor commented on "the moribund nature of the Republican Party in Berkshire County." The editorial noted the current state of Republicans is due in part to an endorsement of the Democratic Berkshire delegation, and further stated that the state of the Republican Party is likely the result of being tethered to those nihilistic tea party members who hate government. Let us take a moment and examine the job performance of our state and national leaders from the Democratic Party.

In Washington, we have a president who employs the IRS as hired assassins to go after political opponents. On Benghazi, we have the U.S. ambassador meeting with the Turkish ambassador not in Tripoli where the embassies are located but in a city where security is questionable. As we know, the meeting had a rather violent ending. According to the administration, a large group of Islamic individuals angered by an anti-Muslim video break out their assault weapons which they happen to carry around with them and murder the U.S. ambassador and others at the U.S. compound. The video story is of course a fabrication by the president, who needed cover for the pending election. To make sure no evidence of wrongdoing would surface no rescue mission was ordered, the compound was allowed to be destroyed and the FBI was denied access to the site for months after the incident.

Here in Massachusetts we have a House of Repre-
sentatives where the three prior Speakers were convicted of or admitted to a felony. In the Berkshires, a reason given by The Eagle for why it endorses the Democrat is, for example from 2010, "As a Dem-
ocrat, he has a quicker path to key committee roles that can benefit his district than do his opponents." The "qualification" for elective office in Berkshire County is belonging to the Santa Claus brigade. Former President Harry Tru-
man put it best, "A leader in the Democrat Party is a boss, in the Republican Party he is a leader."

In 1789, with the first Congress, Massachusetts had eight members in the U.S. House. When John Kennedy was elected president, Mass-
achusetts had 14 representatives. At this time, Massa-
chusetts has nine representatives. The population in Berkshire County is declining, banks, churches and car dealerships are closing, and property taxes are going through the roof. We should all congratulate the Berkshire Dem-
ocratic delegation for a most noteworthy performance shifting the chairs on the Titanic.




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