Letter: Thanks to city councilors who stood up for animals

Thanks to city councilors who stood up for animals

To the editor:

Last week, the city of Pittsfield made a strong stand for the compassionate and humane treatment of animals.

City Council members voted 8-to-3 on August 9 to approve an ordinance that makes it illegal for circuses that include wild animals to perform in Pittsfield. Berkshire Voters for Animals wishes to express our deep appreciation to the City Council members who voted in favor of the ordinance. Thank you to Councilors Peter Marchetti, John Krol Jr., Kathleen Amuso, Melissa Mazzeo, Peter White, Lisa Tully, Nicholas Caccamo, and Anthony Simonelli. We also wish to express our appreciation to Mayor Linda Tyer for acting quickly to sign the ordinance into law.

With this vote, Pittsfield joins a growing number of progressive communities across Massachusetts and the nation that have banned displays of wild animals. Traveling circuses force animals to perform tricks that are inconsistent with their natural behaviors and, when not performing, these animals are often kept chained or in small cages. We are proud of the Pittsfield City Council for their thoughtfulness and their compassion regarding this important issue.

Terry Carlo, Leslie Luppino, Rochelle Howe The authors write on behalf of Berkshire Voters for Animals.


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