Letter: Thanks to many who made garden tour a success

Thanks to many who made Garden Tour a success

To the editor:

I am one of a group of eight women who have been doing the Pittsfield Garden Tour together since 1997. Two of the women started that year, and I joined the following year. Our newest member joined five years ago. Needless to say, although we understand completely, we are heartbroken to lose our favorite weekend of the summer. [The tour has decided to come to an end after 20 years.]

None of us are from Pittsfield. We come from Lee and Cheshire to revel in what has been a truly enriching and heartfelt experience. You can feel the love each gardener has for their gardens. We spoke to so many of them over the years and felt their pride and shared their joy in those incredible gardens. Works of art every one.

We mourned the passing of many of our favorite gardeners, but felt so lucky to have had the chance to share in their love of gardening. Without the tour, we would have missed that fabulous opportunity. What the Pittsfield Garden Tour gave to us all goes so far beyond the gardens themselves.

Three of us painted birdhouses every year right up to the end of the birdhouse auctions. We loved doing that as well, and saw two of them on the tour in the gardens. Another thrill!

So many truly great memories have come from this. Every year after the tour we have dinner together, and each of us tells which garden they liked best that year, and it is always a surprise, because each of finds something different that they loved. We always find that we take so many different ideas home every year. And we will discuss past favorites as well.

I hope the gardeners realize that what they are sharing is never forgotten. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for each one. We feel blessed to have been able to participate in all of it.

Ann Pasco is a visionary. The people she gathered to help, from volunteers, to gardeners, to committee members were angels. And hard workers all. Just know it is appreciated far beyond anything you can imagine. It has given hope, dreams, and joy to so many people you will never hear from but who will feel it every time they look upon a patch of soil, or a flower. It changed all of us in our group. It has changed thousands of other people. It truly has changed a piece of the world.

Congratulations for that. Wishing you all the best. And secretly hoping someone else picks up the gauntlet. You never know, right?

Thanks for the memories,

Nancy Peetros, Lee, The letter was written on behalf of the group. Betty Bates, Grace Provost, Sheila Maroni, Holly Tisdale, Sally Bliss, Marge Lagarce and Sandy Salice. Peetros, Bates and Maroni are birdhouse painters.


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