Letter: Thanksgiving succumbs to a false holiday

A false holiday kills Thanksgiving

To the editor:

Announcement is made today of the death of the American holiday, Thanksgiving.

Born to the parents of Indians and Pilgrims, Thanksgiving grew into a strapping holiday. He promised nothing more than the company of family and friends, accompanied by a fine meal. He was admired by all for his fairness in how he treated everyone.

According to authorities, Mr. Thanksgiving died of a broken heart after being overtaken by the noted crime family of Greed. The Greed Syndicate turned Thanksgiving into a shell of itself and replaced it with the false holiday of Black Friday.

Black Friday took over so much that poor Mr. Thanksgiving was relegated to being known as Black Friday Eve.

Mr. Thanksgiving will be missed by a few diehard souls. The rest will be shopping and probably won't even notice Thanksgiving's death.

He left no survivors.

Gary Crippa, Pittsfield


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