Letter: The evil that is all around us


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

There is good and there is evil. You can see it. You can hear it. You can feel it. Where do good and evil come from? Maybe the Big Bang Theory?

Since good deeds and good feelings are boring to this generation, let’s focus on evil. Although what is evil to some, may feel good to others. Evil can start out with young children who like to torture defenseless animals and bully other children. Ah, the power of it all.

And then we get to the pure, savage, demonic evil, the kind that makes you feel really "good." It feels so good to lie and steal. It feels even better to kill -- especially torturing, stoning and cutting off the heads of women and children. Raping a two year old child brings total ecstasy. Flying planes into buildings and seeing people jump out of windows is exhilarating.

Evil loves to kidnap three teen-aged boys and kill them. Evil builds tunnels and fills them with weapons of mass destruction so that they can kill every single human being who does not believe the way evil believes. Evil shoots a commercial passenger plane out of the sky with bodies of children falling into farmer’s fields and no one has to take responsibility for its actions. Evil guns down thousands of people, steals money from banks without even having to use weapons! And evil laughs as each country paves the way for more evil to continue.

All of these actions are about control. Evil wants to control the whole world. It demands that every country program its people to obey evil. It wants people to respect evil and be politically correct in their thoughts, words and deeds. Evil wants to control what you think, what you eat, or if you deserve medical treatment. But, most of all, evil watches every move you make and hears every word you say.

In the very near future, based on the Tribulation period in the Book of Revelation in the Bible, evil will be allowed to have total control -- for seven years.




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