Letter: The fight for our energy independence


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Here we go again. The big oil and gas companies are once again squeezing the financial life out of us little people. Using jobs and patriotism to push new gas and oil lines through pristine habitats across the country, while all the while the real plan is to increase profits by selling their commodities overseas. The headlines from headquarters is "energy independence" by fracking and drilling while really setting up contracts for sale to the highest bidder.

Another huge battle in many state capitals and Washington DC is what percentage of our homes' and businesses' energy must come from renewable sources like solar. The huge oil, coal and gas companies are spending big bucks to keep the percentage low while keeping their profits high. We the people must demand the percentage of renewables rise at a steady rate so that the utility companies can maintain good service and profitability while transitioning to a more stable source of power.

Here in Massachusetts with excellent leadership from state Sen. Benjamin Downing and Gov. Patrick we have been able to keep the economic forces balanced to achieve steady increases in renewable sources of power while weaning our massive electrical supply grid off of oil, coal and gas. We can and must pay attention to this issue of utility renewable portfolio.

All across our globe we see Exxon Valdez, Yellowstone River oil spills, BP in the Gulf of Mexico, oil train wrecks and countless life-killing catastrophes. Governments and rebels fight over oil resources. The most recent location to see violent activity is Iraq, the second largest producer of oil in OPEC. This is coming on the heels of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's takeover of some of the oil and gas fields in Ukraine. With every man-made event up goes the price of oil, gas and electric, and up, up and away go our hard-earned dollars.

Sunday is Father's Day, and as a father I want our children to be safe and free from such manipulations of resources and violent economic swings. The forecast is for sunny skies. Please go outside, let us imagine and feel real energy independence and keep the grassroots screaming for more sustainable, job producing, energy independent, clean, reliable and now affordable solar panels so we the people can keep our hard-earned dollars and children in our communities. Happy Father's Day and Happy Independence Day!




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