Letter: The high cost of poor education


As a property owner, I'm concerned about taxes as much as most are, maybe more so. I'm also concerned with how much money it takes to operate our educational system and I, like many others, want to make sure that we're getting what we're paying for. Equally, as a parent and grandparent, as well as a property owner, I'm concerned about the cost of un-education.

As I try to remain current about the goings on in my little slice of the world, I read about the many Berkshire communities going through the troughs of trying to maintain their schools, both the physical environment and educational programs, along with the constant challenges to doing so by taxpayers not unlike myself.

While doing all this reading the same thought keeps re-occurring; "Are they thinking about the cost of noneducation, or education that fails both the student and the community"? I just hope those that are taking the opportunity to voice their opinions about our education programs are considering the additional costs of a populace that is undereducated; from the additional social services, to increased need for additional police presence, to the need for people to feel they must have a small arsenal in their homes, all of which add to the general tax revenue needed in one way or another.

Somehow, with a few exceptions, I find it hard to believe that an educated populace puts more of a tax burden on us than a poorly educated one does.

While I know that journalists tend to only write about the negative side of the news, all you have to do is read the local media, or listen to the area news to realize that little is written about the accomplishments of our educational programs or products of them. While on the other hand ...

I only suggest that in making these weighty decisions that all the costs be considered.




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