Letter: The saga continues in North Adams


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

North Adams never ceases to amaze! Every morning is a treat. I open the paper to see what's going on in the news. North Adams tops it all.

A headline reads, "CVS Pharmacy wants to purchase the old Saint Francis," and what does North Adams do? The mayor sees fit to block the sale. North Adams says it needs a new school and we are told there three plans to chose from. Anybody who attended the meetings could tell which one was going to win.

North Adams says Conte is the best fit for a state of the art school, it will be cheaper, but a new building could have been built where Kemp Park is. There was no need to bus students as the old school could have been used. That is all water under the bridge.

The amazing story for today is "School budget to be cut, 19 positions could be lost." Does this seem ironic! They said they were going to give us a state of the art school, we just won't be able to staff it. The main thing that baffles me is CVS and Conte could have been put back on the tax roll, giving more funds to use for the city and school budgets instead of making us pay more property and water/sewer taxes.

I can hardly wait to see tomorrow's headlines for North Adams. The saga continues.


North Adams


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