Letter: Think, don't react, as campaign builds

Think, don't react, as campaign builds

To the editor:

In the novel "War Hawk" by James Rollands, a characters muses, "What few truly understood was that the old axiom 'information is power' no longer held water. The true engine of power today was the 'framing and delivery' of that information."

Today we see that in stark relief as Donald Trump has become a master of "framing and delivering" the information that concerns voters. He has been able to focus in on our concerns, fears, and anxiety, taking half-truths to infuse his message and deliver it within the propaganda of his pathological, narcissistic beliefs. Like all good propaganda, we hear our concerns in his rethoric and run after him yelling "save us," and he says, "I am the only one" — the savior has arrived.

Simplistic answers to complex situations may reduce anxieties at the moment, but do not fully address problems. Decisions motivated by fear are seldom good ones. We in this country are so quick to give away what really enables us to create safe and durable boundaries, those rights and freedoms that have undergirded our country. Franklin D Roosevelt said "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself," and that is as true today as it was then.

The rapid dissemination of world events continues to keep our biological defenses on alert. We do not have or take the time to think and process the continuous onslaught. Our fight or flee responses react with what our thoughts tell us — we are in danger— and we react.

I encourage all of us in the months leading up to the election to monitor our responses to the rhetoric of doom and fear, and trust our abilities to think.

Craig Clemow, Williamstown


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