Letter: Thomas Paine spoke to Williams speaker issue

Thomas Paine spoke to Williams issue

To the editor:

Liberalism has once again shown its true colors — this time it is purple.

The president of Williams College has seen fit to take it upon himself to stifle speech he doesn't agree with. He feels it is harmful for a speaker who doesn't agree with him to be allowed on campus. This in spite of the fact no one was being forced to hear this speaker if they didn't want to. If a male decided he is really a female and wanted access to the women's locker room, the president would probably gladly grant his wish with no concern for the other students.

Steppenwolf said it best when they sang "You're free to speak your mind my friend, as long as you agree with me." This is just what liberals believe. They apparently don't study Thomas Paine at Williams. Thomas Paine eloquently said "I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

There are certainly no profiles in courage in the Purple Valley.

Charlie Blaisdell, North Adams


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