Letter: Those who serve towns deserve appreciation

Those who serve towns deserve appreciation

To the editor:

The other evening, as my wife was going through the paper, she commented that so many local news articles focus on discord between and within South County town commissions. To me, a candidate for Stockbridge Selectman, this struck a chord that warrants comment.

The many men and women who serve our towns on the various boards and commissions give freely and graciously of their time, effort and resources, and in the vast majority of instances, they do so cordially and in a spirit of community. These citizens, our neighbors, provide services that are fundamental to the successful operation of our community governments, and for the most part they do a conscientious, exemplary job.

In my opinion, they deserve our heartfelt thanks and ongoing sincere appreciation.

Don Chabon, Stockbridge The writer, a candidate for Stockbridge selectman, is a member of the Stockbridge Planning Board and chairman of the Stockbridge Democratic Town Committee.


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